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Moderate Competition

In the third world, commerce is often corrupted by monopoly, short on inventory and has poor service. The socialist speaks in terms of what might be best for the people, and the capitalist speaks in terms of what might be … Continue reading

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George Phillips 1592-1644

Below are the first few paragraphs of the 272 page book, Phillips Genealogies; Including the Family of George Phillips, First Minister of Watertown, Mass., through most of the traceable branches from 1630 to the present generation; (et al.) Compiled by Albert M. … Continue reading

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Hungarian Ancestry

Most Hungarians who came to America prior to World War I came from the northern Hungary. One of the earliest, Michael de Kovats, was the founder of the United States Cavalry, and was part of the American Revolution. The major emigration … Continue reading

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Lancelot Strawn 1680-1720

Lily Strawn Painter relates a story I also heard from my grandmother, Hazel (Strawn) Steel, about an English ancestor who had been found abandoned as a baby in a pile of straw ( Also, I recall being told (please advise … Continue reading

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There are at least three  accounts of the story of David Steel. Below is a one act, stage interpretation of David Steel’s martyrdom at Nether Skellyhill farm, written by Robert S. McLeish. While the historical fact is that the closing scene … Continue reading

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Jacob Prickett

From— Captain Jacob Prickett was born in Wilmington, Delaware, in the year of 1722. He is said to have been 5’10,” and to have weighed about 180 pounds. Jacob had “stiff” black hair, and black eyes, and it is noted … Continue reading

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John Hart, signer of the Declaration of Independence

There are many references already available regarding the signer. The short story is that he was elected to both the First and Second Continental Congress, a political leader in New Jersey for about 30 years, and a farmer at heart. … Continue reading

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Prickett’s Fort

Here is the wiki on Prickett’s Fort:’s_Fort_State_Park Prickett’s Fort State Park is a 22-acre (8.9 ha) West Virginia state park north of Fairmont, near the confluence of Prickett’s Creek and the Monongahela River, and two miles from Interstate 79. The park features a reconstructed refuge fort and commemorates … Continue reading

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David Steel of Lesmahagow

Warren Steel teaches music and southern culture at the University of Mississippi. Repeated below is some of the information he has collected on The Steels of Lesmahagow, from  the Rev. Charles Thomson. “The following anecdotes are from a manuscript history of the … Continue reading

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Steels in the Revolutionary War

The DAR Genealogical Review lists about 135 Steels (with spellings: Steel, Steele, Steelman) in The Revolutionary War ( Of course, Steele was as common then as Jones or Smith are today. After the Ulster Land War of 1770, a lot … Continue reading

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