Blair Castle, October 2009

Blair Castle, October 2009

Blair Castle has been continuously occupied for nearly 750 years, and is the most visited residence in Scotland. Many participated in the Covenanters movement of the mid-1500’s, the Hearts of Steel Rebellion (aka Ulster Land War of 1769-1772) and the emigration to America shortly after that. One fascinating story is here. They have been continuously involved in English-speaking history ever since. From Wikipedia–

Entrance to Blair Castle

Entrance to Blair Castle

Blair Castle stands in its grounds near the village of Blair Atholl in Perthshire in Scotland. It is the ancestral home of the Clan Murray, and was historically the seat of their chief, the Duke of Atholl, though the current (12th) Duke, Bruce Murray, lives in South Africa. The castle stands in Glen Garry, and commands a strategic position on the main route (now the A9 road) through the central Scottish Highlands.

The castle is a category A listed building,[1] and the grounds are included in the Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland, the national listing of significant gardens.[2]

Blair House

Blair House

The Blair House in DC is the official guest quarters for the White House, just across the street, at 1651 Pennsylvania Avenue. Time Magazine notes that:

Blair House Library

Blair House Library

“It’s been called “the world’s most exclusive hotel,” “Uncle Sam’s guesthouse,” and “the best small hotel in Washington,” and rightly so. Since 1942, the Blair House has been the B&B of choice for former presidents, incoming Presidents, and major leaders from around the world, including Margaret Thatcher, Ariel Sharon and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. It’s so exclusive that when the Obamas asked to move in a little early so their daughters could start school on Jan. 5, the President-elect and his wife were told they had to wait their turn. (‘SORRY, WE’RE BOOKED,’ WHITE HOUSE TELLS OBAMA was the New York Times headline.) Apparently Australia’s former Prime Minister, John Howard, had already had dibs.”


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