The Stale Potato Chip Theory

We saw something tragic happen yesterday in Connecticut. It tears at our hearts and souls. It brings a dissonance to our minds as we remember similar events, and ask, “Why?”

The parents will never have an adequate answer. Their lives and families have been ripped apart by a senseless act that will never be completely explained to them. A father who lost his child to a previous senseless act responded to a TV reporter that a parent can cherish the years of life that they did have with their child, and perhaps find the grace to forgive the twisted sociopath that brought this tragedy. To hate only hurts the hater.

A psychologist once offered “The Stale Potato Chip Theory,” as an explanation for such seemingly senseless acts. Every kid would like to have a potato chip. In a school community where there are limited fresh potato chips available, some kids will settle for a stale potato chip instead of having none at all. The kid who doesn’t fit in with the athletes, the brainiacs, the band or the choir will find some other way to make his mark.

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