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My Maimonides

Most of us have a mentor, personal coach, counselor, or other person that we get advice or counseling from. If someone doesn’t have such a resource, they need to get one. Maybe several, depending on the type of question at hand. Some … Continue reading

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Weekly Project Ritual

All of us jump to conclusions(1) once in a while– its because we don’t have perfect information at the time we make a decision. Especially when we have a complex technical solution to deliver, this reality can present a challenge. … Continue reading

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Harry Steel 1899-1971

From– Harry Steel was the first Ohio State wrestler to win the Olympic Gold Medal. Born in Stark County in 1899, he graduated from Canton McKinley High School in 1918. He lettered in football and wrestling at Ohio State. Leading … Continue reading

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Imagine you are a Peace Corp worker in some third world country– let’s call it Budzaria. You find that the local Budzarian people are not getting enough protein in their diet, and that one cause is that while they do … Continue reading

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The Other 1%

On a previous post, I mentioned that about 1% of the people we meet are going to be sociopathic. This shouldn’t be a big surprise. No one promised that life was going to be fair, and if we take a … Continue reading

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Your Problem

Your Problem is not the Problem: Dyana Valentine “Dyana Valentine is not for the faint of heart. She’s spent 13+ years teaching leaders to listen to themselves and complete seemingly impossible projects—we’re talking major brand overhauls, six-figure product launches, full-fledged … Continue reading

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The Sociopath

All of us have that 1% of all people that we might work with, socialize with, or are otherwise socially challenged by. Perhaps they are socially inept– a sociopath, and perhaps it is you (or me). It is probably a … Continue reading

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Stemple Family

from: THE STEMPLES COME TO CALHOUN by Bob Weaver, Editor, The Hur Herald (09/01/2012) THE STEMPLES COMETH The life and times of the Stemple family will more likely be remembered since their ancestral log cabin now rests at the county park … Continue reading

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