Your Problem

Your Problem is not the Problem: Dyana Valentine

Dyana Valentine is not for the faint of heart. She’s spent 13+ years teaching leaders to listen to themselves and complete seemingly impossible projects—we’re talking major brand overhauls, six-figure product launches, full-fledged manuscripts. She serves up straight-from-the-hip advice in online magazines and columns all over the ‘net. In a past life, she was an idiot-savant microsurgery tech, worked for the Olympic Games organizing committee, and was personally approached by the FBI with a recruitment invitation—for classified reasons — on two separate occasions.

“She’s a firehose of ingenuity, a profoundly inspiring coach, and pretty easy on the eyes. You’re gonna love her brilliant insights on idea generation, intelligent project testing, and humane communication — and I promise, you’ll want to keep her in your arsenal of support, like a razor-sharp secret weapon.”

Here is her secret weapon, her magic formula. She makes a game of it– start by putting yourself in a self-confident posture…

1. Identify a mentor–
Who would you ask? Pick someone that you admire (anyone dead or alive), whose advice you respect. (Hers– Michelle Obama and Mr. Rogers.)

2. Identify your strength–
Identify something you are really, really good at. Something you get a compliment for.
(Hers– Helping others with problems she secretly has.)

3. Identify a struggle–
Take a small step into the “dark side.” Pick a moderately challenging issue that you are facing. (Hers– She isn’t perfect yet.)

4. Give your problem away to your mentor, with the strength–
This does two things–
a) Helps you see that the problem is separate from you.
b) It will give you ideas you didn’t have before.

5. In your mind, what did your mentor say?
Imagine your mentor sitting next to you. (Hers– Michelle said to do some push-ups, write a thank-you card to yourself, and never underestimate the skinny guy. Mr. Rogers– help a child, and thereby, help yourself.)

According to Dyana, play this game, and miracles will happen. Here is her TED Talk.

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