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Thomas W. Phillips 1835-1912

From Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania, Volume 3, John Woolf Jordan, Lewis historical Publishing Company, 1915, pp. 1624-1638. Thomas W. Phillips, son of Ephraim and Ann (Newton) Phillips, was born in Lawrence county, Pennsylvania, February 23, 1835, died … Continue reading

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Benedictine Tanzania

Early missions to Tanzania include the Augustinians (1499), the Holy Ghost Fathers (1863), the White Fathers (1879) and the Benedictine Monks (1887). Including Protestant denominations, the Benedictine Tradition seems to be the leading voice for the Christian worldview in Tanzania. … Continue reading

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“Vulnerability”– At first, it sounds like something we all would want to avoid, doesn’t it? We all want, and need respect. And we want to be successful in life. This means we should avoid being vulnerable, right? Not according to … Continue reading

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Frank and L.E. Phillips

Written by ENTREPRENEURS, as reprinted in The Des Moines Register— Frank and L.E. Phillips struck it rich– not from Iowa’s cornfields, but from the oil fields of Oklahoma. Entrepreneurs– The brothers worked well together as business partners, with Frank’s business … Continue reading

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One Sheet of Music

We just had a family meeting. Chores aren’t getting done. A list of chores was presented, and the four of us took a few minutes to put our name on the various tasks. Excellent idea. It reminded me of an … Continue reading

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Forbes Road

[Editor’s note– There is a lot of Pennsylvania History on the internet, like this article below on the historic Forbes Road.  In 1758, General John Forbes led a military expedition west from Carlisle, PA, to conquer Fort Duquesne, located at modern-day Pittsburgh. The new road … Continue reading

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Charlemagne 742–814

Everyone is Descended From Charlemagne [by Jack Lee] [Editor’ note– I stumbled across this fascinating article while researching Irish ancestors. Jack Lee has come up with an astounding revelation which most of us have thought of in reverse, as in– “So … Continue reading

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