One Sheet of Music

Family Chores

Family Chores

We just had a family meeting. Chores aren’t getting done. A list of chores was presented, and the four of us took a few minutes to put our name on the various tasks. Excellent idea.

It reminded me of an all-to-common problem on IT projects– who is supposed to do what? I posted a solution in my post– the Weekly Project Ritual. A wonderfully simple idea. One page of tasks and who they are assigned to– “one sheet of music.”

Credit goes to the more task-oriented parent for the basic idea. I knew I had a great way to make it work better, and sat on my hands while we first divided up the chores. Just like the weekly Project Meeting, I presented the idea that we type up the assignments, and post our “one sheet of music” on the refrigerator. Given the level of modernity in our household, I suggested using a Google doc, or e-mailing the list to each family member. The single page on the frig would work fine.

How would we deal with the slackers? What happens when a chore is not completed in a timely manner? We discussed exiling them on the island of Saint Helena, taking away car keys, push-ups… we couldn’t quickly come up with a proper remedy. Then I found some spare magnetic arrows that anyone could place beside any delinquent chore.

This is nothing new. We also have a one-page grocery list we print for preparation before going to Wal-Mart. It is organized by isle, for the items we normally buy. It works great!

What if we did everything this way? The ObamaCare Bill is something like 2,700 pages. Why 2,700 pages? There is no consensus among our politicians. What if we fixed health care one page at a time? And made that an iterative process? Dumb idea? What was the idea that Newt Gingrich had? He spoke of using Lean Six Sigma for federal projects. Some simple project management could help us all in many areas of life.

Want to have two lists? Bad idea. Someone will be disappointed.

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