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Nathaniel Hart 1784-1813

C. Frank Dunn, a Lexington historian, was the executive secretary of the Kentucky Progress Commission and the founding editor of the KENTUCKY PROGRESS MAGAZINE, later called IN KENTUCKY. He also did work for the Lexington and Frankfort Chambers of Commerce, … Continue reading

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Phillipses in the Revolutionary War

The DAR Genealogical Review lists 222 Phillipses in The Revolutionary War ( Of course, Phillips is a rather common name, but not as common as Jones or Smith are today. There are about a dozen paternal lines that emigrated to … Continue reading

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Thomas J. Wood 1823-1906

General Grant’s West Point roommate, Thomas John Wood came from a long line of military ancestors, dating to Sir William Atte Wode who was Captain of King Edward III’s Guard in the 12th Century[1].  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia– Thomas … Continue reading

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de·cep·tion (d-spshn) n. The use of deceit. The fact or state of being deceived. A ruse; a trick. Deception is something that happens every day. It is a part of life. It takes two– the deceiver, and the deceivee to make it … Continue reading

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Frank R. Phillips 1876-1942 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PENNSYLVANIA BIOGRAPHY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ALFRED DECKER KEATOR, LITT. D. Directory /State Library and Museum VOLUME XXVI LEWIS HISTORICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY. Inc. NEW YORK 1948, p. 28 Frank R. Phillips 1876-1942 PHILLIPS, Frank Reith, Business Leader. The ancestry of Frank … Continue reading

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Thomas Steele 1788-1848,_Thomas_(1788-1848)_(DNB00) Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 54 Steele, Thomas (1788-1848) by Cæsar Litton Falkiner STEELE, THOMAS (1788–1848), Irish politician, was born at Derrymore, co. Clare, 3 Nov. 1788. He belonged to an old Somerset family which had settled in … Continue reading

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Richard Nuzum 1734-1822

from Birth: Nov. 22, 1734 County Wexford, Ireland Death: Jul. 22, 1822 Colfax Marion County West Virginia, USA RICHARD NUZUM (Thomas) was born in Co. Wexford, Ireland 22 November 1734 possibly near Dublin; died at Colfax, Marion Co., Virginia … Continue reading

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John Steel 1715-1779

Reverend Captain John Steele 1715-1779 The ‘Fighting Parson’ of Revolutionary War-era Pennsylvania compiled by Freddie Steel Reverend John Steel, Sr. Comes To America 1742 | Pennsylvania Reverend Captain John Steel, Sr.1,2 was born 1715 in Newton, Londonderry, Ireland, and died August … Continue reading

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Henry M. Stemple 1827-1871

Henry Martin Stemple The ship “Samuel,” arrived in Philadelphia, August 30, 1737, with three generations of Stemples: grandfather Nicholas, father Johann Peter, and son Johann Gottfried. After settling in Aurora, Virginia (now in Preston County, West Virginia), Gottfried would serve in … Continue reading

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William Phillips 1731-1781

From the City of Petersburg, VA website– Major General William Phillips British Royal Artillery (1731-1781) Somewhere in the outer northeast angle of old Blandford Church, in Petersburg, Virginia, lays the hidden body of Major General William Phillips, a British officer … Continue reading

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