de·cep·tion (d-spshn) n.

  1. The use of deceit.
  2. The fact or state of being deceived.
  3. A ruse; a trick.

Deception is something that happens every day. It is a part of life. It takes two– the deceiver, and the deceivee to make it happen. A better term is “misunderstanding.” Regardless, what we all strive to do is:

  1. Pay close attention.
  2. Check for validity. Expect less than perfect information– it is all around us. Get confirmation when needed. Keep short accounts.
  3. Pace the positive intent of the organization.

It is really pretty simple. See post on To Resolve Misunderstanding. It’s the same thing.

Of course, there is a substantial difference between a football half-back faking out a defender to score a touchdown, and military-grade deception of a enemy in war.

Note– I am taking the word “conflict” out of my vocabulary, because it is too broad– it describes both verbal interaction and war. One happens in everyday life; the other is something that our military is in charge of. We are fortunate that they do a most excellent job at it.

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