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Jimmy Carter asked CIA Director Bush to brief him on UFOs, and Bush said no.


Just a little something I discovered this morning to make my tinfoil hum like a bug zapper.

Marcia Smith stated that Carter had approached Bush and stated, “I want to have the information that we have on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. I want to know about this as President.”



George Bush, according to Smith said, “no…that he wasn’t going to give this to him…that this was information that existed on a need to know basis only. Simple curiosity on the part of the President wasn’t adequate.”

This Carter-Bush UFO question, referred to by Smith, was probably asked during the first 45 minutes of a multi-hour briefing on November 19, 1976.

This is the only time that Bush and Carter met while Carter was President-elect. Bush was replaced as DCI, once Carter became President, so there was never a meeting between the two after Carter entered the White House.

Aliens watching Peter Jennings

Aliens watching Peter Jennings

The 45-minute segment of the briefing given to the President-elect, was described by the CIA as a briefing on certain “exotic weapons and very closely held items relating to sources and methods.” Presidential UFO

This was reiterated by Daniel Sheehan, formerly of the Christic Institute and lately of the Kucinich campaign, at the “Disclosure Project” press conference in May 2001:

Mars Attack!!

Mars Attack!!

Sheehan told reporters that during the Carter administration he found out about government-held UFO information that then-CIA Director George Bush, father of the current president, would not release.

Sheehan said he was then led into the National Archives, where he was shown photographs of captured UFOs, complete with what appeared to be alien writing symbols, but he was only allowed to take notes on a yellow legal pad. He traced the photos onto the cardboard back of his pad, he said. ABC News SciTech Daily News UFO



If you have a couple of hours, watch the video of the “Disclosure Project” press conference at the National Press Club.

It can be downloaded for free here: Netro Disclosure Project. Daniel Sheehan’s testimony is at about the one hour twenty minute mark.

He’s followed by Dr Carol Rosin, whose story was the subject of this recent thread:  Democratic Underground Discussion Board



And if you have a few days, and don’t mind people thinking you’re :crazy:, pick up a copy of UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-Up 1941-1973 by Richard M Dolan.

Light on speculation about what is being covered up; heavy on documentation that something is being covered up.



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