Field Marketing

The Two Kinds of Field Marketing

B2C Field Marketing

B2C Field Marketing

The difference between Field Marketing for Consumer Packaged Goods (B2C) and Field Marketing for Professional (B2B) sales is significant.

In the CPG market, a contract representative promotes new consumer products to the public. This is B2C Field Marketing. In the photograph to the right, we see a FEMA representative, in a big-box home improvement store explaining benefits available to victims of natural disasters like hurricanes. Similar activities help promote video games, computers, new food products and Ginzu knives.

Joint Sales Call

Joint Sales Call

In the B2B market, Field Marketing is the practice of coaching professional sales execs, partners, and distributors to improve their sales and gross margins. It requires a background in professional B2B sales, a background in corporate B2B marketing, and perhaps an MBA in Marketing. This activity can include:

Sales Meeting

Sales Meeting


  1. conducting sales meetings,
  2. new product roll-outs,
  3. joint sales calls, and
  4. other marketing efforts.

In complex field markets, it often is a valued tool to assist in resolving channel conflict and in other special selling situations. In the Federal, State and and local governmental markets, it can help clarify customer goals and assist sales executives to optimize their approach to these challenging customers for maximum customer satisfaction and sales effectiveness.

B2B Field Marketing

B2B Field Marketing

Why is B2B Field Marketing so vitally important? Because many times, sales and marketing are complex processes that benefit from two minds getting together and working toward common goals– sales revenue, gross margin, and customers who are raving fans of the product.


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