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Moravian Massacre

From: The Gnadenhutten massacre, also known as the Moravian massacre, was the killing of 96 Christian Lenape (Delaware) by colonial American militia from Pennsylvania on March 8, 1782 at the Moravian missionary village of Gnadenhutten, Ohio during the American Revolutionary War.[2] … Continue reading

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George Washington Steele

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia George Washington Steele (December 13, 1839 – July 12, 1922) was an American lawyer, soldier, and politician who twice served as a Congressman for Indiana, from 1881 to 1889 and again from 1895 to 1903. Steele was also the first Governor of Oklahoma … Continue reading

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What’s a Relay?

Writing poetry has been in the family for the past three generations– four counting this latest one. I recall being about ten years old, following along with my dad, “shootin’ trouble” on the railroad. He would take a moment from … Continue reading

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Parking an Aircraft Carrier

Ever hear the expression, “getting your ship only 95% of the way into port?” Ever work a project that gets all but the delivery done? Ever build a new bathroom that is fully functional except for the water? That last … Continue reading

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Business Solves Social Problems

In a recent TED Talk, Michael Porter spoke on Why business can be good at solving social problems. Why do we turn to nonprofits, NGOs and governments to solve society’s biggest problems? Michael Porter admits he’s biased, as a business … Continue reading

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William Steel 1780-1857

from written by Aaron Steel  William Moore Steel 1780-1857 Birth: Feb. 2, 1780 [Carlisle, Pennsylvania] Death: Oct. 17, 1857 Leigh, Harrison County, Texas, US Son of Revolutionary war Captain John Steel Jr., William Steel was born in Carlisle, PA in 1780. In 1802, … Continue reading

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Schwarzkopf’s 14 Rules of Leadership

From Here are Norman Schwarzkopf’s 14 rules of leadership given at a business conference in 2010: Think of yourself as a leader. Leaders lead people, not systems, processes etc. Character. Requires sense of duty, ethics, morality – it is not a measure … Continue reading

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Daring Greatly

Brené Brown found her title for her new book in the famous quote from Teddy Roosevelt’s speech, Citizenship in a Republic— It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or … Continue reading

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Field Marketing

The Two Kinds of Field Marketing The difference between Field Marketing for Consumer Packaged Goods (B2C) and Field Marketing for Professional (B2B) sales is significant. In the CPG market, a contract representative promotes new consumer products to the public. This is B2C Field … Continue reading

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Jacob Hochstetler– Preface

From: Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler the Immigrant of 1736, by Rev. Harvey Hostetler, D.D., Elgin, Illinois, Brethren Publishing House, 1912, pp. 9-13.  as viewed on 8-4-2013. Jacob Hochstetler Immigrant of 1736 Preface The Religious Life of Our Ancestor. It is fitting that the … Continue reading

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