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Even war has folkways, mores, and laws. If you don’t believe it, check out history. Some have not played by the rules. What happened to Hitler? Saddam Hussein? Osama bin Laden? Abu Nidal? A leader should remember Lee’s most famous dictum, and in corollaries: “It is well that war is so terrible; we should grow too fond of it.”

Moravian Massacre

From: The Gnadenhutten massacre, also known as the Moravian massacre, was the killing of 96 Christian Lenape (Delaware) by colonial American militia from Pennsylvania on March 8, 1782 at the Moravian missionary village of Gnadenhutten, Ohio during the American Revolutionary War.[2] … Continue reading

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Schwarzkopf’s 14 Rules of Leadership

From Here are Norman Schwarzkopf’s 14 rules of leadership given at a business conference in 2010: Think of yourself as a leader. Leaders lead people, not systems, processes etc. Character. Requires sense of duty, ethics, morality – it is not a measure … Continue reading

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Norman Schwarzkopf 1934-2012

Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf 1934-2012 Born in Trenton, NJ, August 22, 1934, Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. graduated from West Point in 1956 and rose through the ranks, becoming a four-star General. Gen. Schwarzkopf commanded Operation Desert Storm, driving out Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces from … Continue reading

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The Waco Tragedy

A lot of things went wrong on April 19, 1993[1], twenty years ago today, in Waco, Texas. [2-7] A siege is almost always a bad idea. There are times when the better idea is to back off, and lose today’s game. … Continue reading

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Lee’s Lessons

Here are my personal notes on Robert E. Lee on Leadership: Executive Lessons in Character, Courage, and Vision, by H. W. Crocker III. Robert E. Lee on Leadership — Lee’s Lessons 1. Understanding Lee 1.1. Accept life as it is and make … Continue reading

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de·cep·tion (d-spshn) n. The use of deceit. The fact or state of being deceived. A ruse; a trick. Deception is something that happens every day. It is a part of life. It takes two– the deceiver, and the deceivee to make it … Continue reading

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When Elephants Fight

There is an old African proverb that says: “When two elephants fight, the grass suffers.”  So, if you are a casual observer on safari– Keep your distance from fighting elephants. Avoid male elephants in musk– they can be aggressive. Don’t … Continue reading

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