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The Phillips family from 1500’s. Hackenbracht –> Phillips. Remember the post on how Everyone is Descended From Charlemagne? Well, if your family has been in the US for 200-some years, you’ve got some Phillips blood in you, too.

Phillipses in the Revolutionary War

The DAR Genealogical Review lists 222 Phillipses in The Revolutionary War ( Of course, Phillips is a rather common name, but not as common as Jones or Smith are today. There are about a dozen paternal lines that emigrated to … Continue reading

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Frank R. Phillips 1876-1942 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PENNSYLVANIA BIOGRAPHY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ALFRED DECKER KEATOR, LITT. D. Directory /State Library and Museum VOLUME XXVI LEWIS HISTORICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY. Inc. NEW YORK 1948, p. 28 Frank R. Phillips 1876-1942 PHILLIPS, Frank Reith, Business Leader. The ancestry of Frank … Continue reading

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Thomas W. Phillips 1835-1912

From Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania, Volume 3, John Woolf Jordan, Lewis historical Publishing Company, 1915, pp. 1624-1638. Thomas W. Phillips, son of Ephraim and Ann (Newton) Phillips, was born in Lawrence county, Pennsylvania, February 23, 1835, died … Continue reading

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Frank and L.E. Phillips

Written by ENTREPRENEURS, as reprinted in The Des Moines Register— Frank and L.E. Phillips struck it rich– not from Iowa’s cornfields, but from the oil fields of Oklahoma. Entrepreneurs– The brothers worked well together as business partners, with Frank’s business … Continue reading

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Richard Stockton 1630-1707

from Richard Stockton(1) (October 1, 1730 – February 28, 1781) was an American lawyer, jurist, legislator, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Early life A son of John Stockton, one of the founders of the College of New Jersey at Princeton … Continue reading

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