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South England– Wood family from 1100’s, at Sanderstead, Surrey, England. Atwood (Wood, Atte Wode, Woode, Attwood) is a very old surname, of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning “someone who lived by a wood.” The first recorded spelling in 1243 of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas Attewode. Hackenbracht –> Stemple –> Wood

Sanderstead Court, Surrey

Sanderstead Court is located  in Surrey, England, just south of London. The manse pictured here, was home to the Wood (Atwood, Atte Wode) family for about 300 years, dating to 1586, and the property came to the family in 1346. Local … Continue reading

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Sir William Atte Wode 1250-1345

Sir William Atte Wode was born in Hooley House Coulsdon, England in 1250 to Peter Atte Wode and Alice. William married Juliana and had a child. He passed away in 1345 in France. Here is the wiki for Sir William Atte … Continue reading

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John Atwood 1576-1644

There were two men by the name “John Atwood” at Plymouth Colony, from the same Atwood Family. The Assistant Governor had no children, and the other did. Here is the wiki for the Assistant Governor: John Atwood (1576–1644) was an Assistant Governor … Continue reading

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Peter Atte Wode 1311-1381

Peter Atte Wode was a Justice in Eyre for England south of the Trent from 1360-1367. Many of the Atwood families in America today have ancestral ties with Sanderstead, Surrey, England and All Saints’ Church which has stood there since the … Continue reading

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Gidea Hall

The British landscape has lost over 1,800 old Halls, Manors and Castles. Gidea Hall (also Giddy Hall or Gydihall) dates back to 1250, and is best remembered as the residence of Sir Thomas Cooke, Lord Mayor of London. In 1466, he received royal … Continue reading

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Wood Family

The Wood family gives all of us a long and rich heritage. In the 1600’s, several were part of the Plymouth Colony in what would later become Massachusetts. Documentation goes back to Wode Atte, born in England, 1160.

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