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Wales– Phillips, Burghley

William Phillips 1731-1781

From the City of Petersburg, VA website– Major General William Phillips British Royal Artillery (1731-1781) Somewhere in the outer northeast angle of old Blandford Church, in Petersburg, Virginia, lays the hidden body of Major General William Phillips, a British officer … Continue reading

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Lord Burghley 1520-1598

Lord Burghley served as Principal Secretary to Queen Elizabeth I. He was an excellent administrator and brought order and stability to the Royal Court and House of Lords. He believed in religious tolerance, so long as subjects were loyal to the … Continue reading

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Lancelot Strawn 1680-1720

Lily Strawn Painter relates a story I also heard from my grandmother, Hazel (Strawn) Steel, about an English ancestor who had been found abandoned as a baby in a pile of straw ( Also, I recall being told (please advise … Continue reading

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