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Run to the Roar

From the Prologue of Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear, By Paul Assaiante and James Zug– “Over the millennia on the African savanna, lions have developed a hunting technique. The oldest lion in the pride is often infirm. She … Continue reading

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In visiting the third world, we often learn something about ourselves. We might see that some people drive on the left side of the road, and often have roundabouts instead of intersections. Hospitals might be closed on weekends. We might … Continue reading

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David Livingstone 1813-1873

David Livingstone was born in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland, a location close to many Steeles. A close friend and travel companion was Sir Thomas Steele, who rose to the rank of Full General and Colonel in the Coldstream Guards, in his … Continue reading

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Thomas Steele 1820-1890

Steele, Sir Thomas Montague (1820-1890) “proved a very constant friend” to David Livingstone, who was born across the river from Bothwell. Accompanied Livingstone in 1843 to Africa. He was the eldest son of Major-General Thomas Steele. His military career spanned … Continue reading

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Catholic Museum of Bagamoyo

The Catholic Museum of Bagamoyo tells the history of slavery and German Colonialism, and the history of missions in East Africa.  Bagamoyo Parish has the honor of being the “Mother of all Parishes in East Africa.”  There is much history here, having been … Continue reading

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The President and First Lady Invite Pope Benedict

The Order of Saint Benedict has had a strong tie with Tanzania since 1887. Pope John Paul II visited Tanzania in 1964. From January 2008, in Tanzanian Affairs, we find this at: http://www.tzaffairs.org/2008/01/faith-news-3/#more-276 Pope Benedict XVI has promised to visit Tanzania … Continue reading

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The Very Rev David Steel on the Mau Mau Rebellion

The Very Reverend David Steel was the founder of the colonial St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Nairobi, Kenya. He was most outspoken against the heavy-handed suppression of the Mau Mau Rebellion of the 1950’s. Here is an excerpt from http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2695/4338238071_bb489814c0_d.jpg: … Continue reading

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