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Thomas J. Wood 1823-1906

General Grant’s West Point roommate, Thomas John Wood came from a long line of military ancestors, dating to Sir William Atte Wode who was Captain of King Edward III’s Guard in the 12th Century[1].  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia– Thomas … Continue reading

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Lord Burghley 1520-1598

Lord Burghley served as Principal Secretary to Queen Elizabeth I. He was an excellent administrator and brought order and stability to the Royal Court and House of Lords. He believed in religious tolerance, so long as subjects were loyal to the … Continue reading

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Sanderstead Court, Surrey

Sanderstead Court is located  in Surrey, England, just south of London. The manse pictured here, was home to the Wood (Atwood, Atte Wode) family for about 300 years, dating to 1586, and the property came to the family in 1346. Local … Continue reading

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Peter Atte Wode 1311-1381

Peter Atte Wode was a Justice in Eyre for England south of the Trent from 1360-1367. Many of the Atwood families in America today have ancestral ties with Sanderstead, Surrey, England and All Saints’ Church which has stood there since the … Continue reading

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